Case Studies


Whether tracking your customers’ satisfaction, analyzing trends, or evaluating the competition, you need reliable data that can (if needed) be trended over time.  Throughout our 20+ years of experience, we have provided actionable insights to our clients via quantitative research, collecting robust and representative samples from over 70 countries around the world.


Quantitative methods yield powerful, statistically reliable data that underscore key points and move businesses forward. At the same time, qualitative research is invaluable for providing the color, nuance and “voice” behind the decisions people make. Through focus groups and other qualitative methods, we have helped organizations position their brand, refine their messaging, and more...


Global Competitive Brand Audit

Netpop was asked by one of the world’s leading technology companies to help them understand web browser adoption at the enterprise level. Spanning 13 countries and 9 languages, this study reveals the needs and concerns that influence IT decision-making of large companies. This study also tracks brand awareness and perceptions, providing our client with a reliable way to monitor shifts in the competitive landscape and tweak marketing strategies accordingly. Most importantly, results enable our client to monitor the growth of a competitive brand -- the “new kid on the block” as it gains mind- and market-share.

Enterprise IT Software Pricing

Netpop was asked to identify the optimal configuration and price point for a suite of enterprise productivity software products. NetPop surveyed hundreds of IT decision-makers in large companies, using a series of quantitative pricing methods (Conjoint, Van Westendorp, Gabor-Granger) to guide pricing and feature bundling decisions. Research uncovered a narrow, optimal price range and which features that would most motivate decision-makers to consider the product for adoption. Guided by these insights, this product is now on the market, at a price within the recommended range.

Digital Life Segmentation

Global Strategic Planning

Cybersecurity Market Landscape


Enterprise User Personas

Having made successful inroads in the consumer/home market, a major device manufacturer sought NetPop’s help in positioning their product for the enterprise business market. Online bulletin board focus groups were conducted with current and prospective IT buyers. Based on participant responses, NetPop developed key archetypes or “personas” of typical users of the device and how it supported their functional roles. NetPop effectively captured the varied use cases for this product, tying key product features to the workers who benefit from them. This in turn enabled our client’s marketing team to craft more compelling stories for their product, matching the needs of different functional roles in the enterprise.

Product Feature Positioning

How many times have you heard that a new product that is "smart" or "intelligent"? AI is certainly on the rise. To help position its new AI-enabled features, NetPop designed a two-phased study to understand perceptions of features, products and overall brand competence. Insights led to the development of a perceptual map, illustrating how far our client could go (or not) in associating their features/products with the notion of "intelligence". Positioning is a tricky thing: Go too far and buyers become cynical. Hang back and your competitor will usurp the “white space” you had an opportunity to own. Research did not give the answer to this conundrum, but it set the parameters from which internal discussions could unfold.

API Purchase Journey

Cafe Chain Brand Identity

B2B Tech Message Testing